Career path

Papilium nurtures entrepreneurial spirit and therefore has installed a meritocracy culture. We help our people grow in three areas, namely

  • Expertise, both in terms of business acumen & methodology.
  • Management skills, both in delivering value in projects as in growing sales.
  • Style, both personal (leadership, presentation, ...) as interpersonal (communication, coaching, change management, ...).

As an Analyst, you will take charge of analyzing business issues and proposing factual improvements. You will deliver those improvements during a transformation project, guided by a more senior colleague.

Moving up to a Consultant, you will get more complex business issues which will be resolved by bigger teams. We like you to take up the challenge of leading (part of) the team or (part of) the analysis and implementation.

A Manager is recognized by our clients as having deep proven expertise (business acumen & methodology). Typically you will manage the project in terms of budget, client expectations, delivery, people development and add-on sales.

Senior Managers have built up a network of referrals (clients, projects, people). They have the responsibility to generate new revenue at (new) clients in new areas.  On top they deliver projects rather independently with their team.

Associate Partners are able to lead multiple clients or even an industry segment, in term of sales, delivery and people development.

Papilium embraces initiative and loves their people to take up responsibilities (pro)actively. Before joining Papilium we want you to feel the vibes of our company to best understand how you can blend while maximizing the merits of your past experience. After joining us, you will get appointed a personal Coach who will help you grow within the company's structure and help you reflect on your contribution.

Be a real entrepreneur!

You set the aim.
We bring agility,
and together we transform