Jonathan - Manager

Having already several years at Papilium on the clock, I’m proud to say that every single day has brought personal and professional enrichment. On a day to day basis I’m working with a team on delivering projects and results, I’m cooperating and understanding the client from blue collar to executive level, I’m coaching younger colleagues in their career growth and at the same time I’m building on our firm. Getting the trust and responsibility to do all this brings me a great reward and drive.

Wouter - Analyst

Papilium helped me to develop my consulting skill set, which I could leverage at our clients. Business department reorganizations, online management services, new offering strategies, … just a grasp of the projects I’ve worked on, all part of larger business transformations. My role as a consultant was diverse: analysis of business challenges and creation of optimal solutions, facilitation of business requirements alignment workshops, communication & training of a new strategy/solution… Within Papilium internally, I was able to contribute by optimizing policies and organizing team building activities.

Charlotte - Analyst

As a young starter, I immediately received a lot of responsibility which gave me the opportunity to challenge myself, to learn a lot in a short period of time and to finally exploit my theoretical knowledge & project management skills. This gave me the opportunity to start transforming and optimizing my client’s business. Furthermore, I value Papilium’s way of collaboration with great attention to establish and maintain a relationship of trust and transparency.

Winners create stakeholder value,
not only shareholder value