We create substantial value
fact based


Crafting strategies.
Delivering business transformations.

Papilium is a management consulting firm. We challenge clients’ business models, operating models and performance models to grow value, substantially. We craft business strategies and underpin them with facts, mining big data and emotions, pushing insights to higher performance. We master the delivery of complex business transformations, meeting committed objectives. 

It is our passion to transform your business questions into substantial value

“How is “digital” affecting my business?”

“How can we get our company back to strong growth?”

“How can we align costs with benefits to maximise EBITDA?”

“What should I do to avoid a features and price war?”

“How can we increase loyalty of business partners and create more value?”

“What’s the best organisation structure to boost performance?”

“How to tweak the business to outperform the market?”

“What are the best go-to-market strategies given the market I am in?”

“Should I strive for cost-leadership, differentiation or a combination?”

“How can I lift my company to the industry 4.0 level?”

“How to turn my company’s big data into new insights, new strategies and results?”

“Too much change at once in parallel, but what is the best path forward?”

“We have a great strategy but we struggle to better with execution!”

“How can we scale-up profitably?”

“Can we grow without adding costs?”

“Our business runs perfectly, so can a consultant really add value?”

“Nice slides, but can management consultants commit to results?”

“It takes 2 years to understand our business, so you think you can add substantial value as a consultant?”

Whatever your business question, we define the path to get you there

Crafting strategies
that work

Formulating business strategies

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We believe creating value starts with defining the right “key question”.

Engaging with client’ stakeholders we gradually commit upon the best “key question” – the one question solving, would generate substantial value.

We tease our clients’ ecosystems by challenging their business models, their operational models and performance models.

During all our engagements, we found inefficiencies and opportunities in the current way of working to increase operational cashflow up to 30%.

Being a billion € company or a small scale up, we always underpin ideas with facts, mining big data and emotions, pushing your business insights to a higher performance level.

We believe a tuned strategy does not deliver value, unless it gets implemented. Hence, we define a value roadmap, gradually transforming your business towards increased cashflow.

No plan has value unless all stakeholders agree on feasibility to implement and commit on a preferred scenario.

We combine data, emotion, business and transformation insights to comfort you and get you towards this commitment.

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Delivering business transformations

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Our “engage to deliver value” framework guides execution of business transformations.
Often value gets lost in between strategy and transformation phase, having a blurred value creation path, getting lost in fringes, or facing issues proving it is less simple than expected.
We know this. So, we progress in steps, involving more stakeholders, mining deeper in big data and emotions, adjusting with new insights.
Hence, we confirm and reconfirm the value potential, yet embraced by more people, never walking away from the value path.
We complement your workforce with skills and capacity where needed.  We analyse, design, manage, …  but above all we work on gains for all stakeholders.
GAIN stands for Goal, Ability, Itinerary and Need. No gain, no value.  So, for Papilium it is our prime focus to embed evidence and acceptance within your workforce.
Probably that is why we have clients being our ambassadors – we never walk away and we keep our eyes on the value.
In other words, Papilium creates substantial value, fact based. Each word matters.
Visioning the future

The way-of-working of complete sectors and markets has been transformed under Papilium leadership. 

Hence we are asked as speaker at reference groups, congresses, business associations and student organisations.

Yes we write white-papers, cases, … just fill in the form and we get in contact.

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"Transform to outperform"

– Peter Veldeman –

business themes

Internet of things (IoT)

This refers to a situation where the majority of internet users will be semi-intelligent devices. Everyday objects become an entity on the internet and a lot of new opportunities and possibilities arise by merging physical objects with the virtual world.

Big data

We speak of big data when when working with one or more datasets that are too large to be maintained with regular database systems. Not only the storage of these quantities is a challenge, analyzing these data also plays an increasingly important role.

Self-managing teams

Self-managing teams are autonomous in their decision making which improves their performance. Even when a team is self-directed, they need to receive direction from above. Papilium helps you setting up these teams and how to lead them to increase performance.