Boosting a “Market Leader and Pioneer in Building Materials”

Boosting a “Market Leader and Pioneer in Building Materials”

Imagine you have 60% market share, steady double digit EBITDA on Business Unit Level. Yet revenues remain unchanged year-after-year, implying continuous cost cutting to keep EBITDA at level. 

The CEO went curious when he saw product-selling got a boost at one of his major clients, apparently because of Papilium. Obviously he hired us shortly thereafter to tackle his quest for growth, and with success! 

Big data analysis revealed a potential to triple the top-line, provided the company changed its go-to-market and take market share from indirect rivals. New market segmentation, alignment of operations with the segments, going from product to solution selling etc where derived strategies. 

We took the leading role to engage all stakeholders step-by-step in a series of projects to deliver the value.  Probably because of our drive. Very likely because of our commitment to keep people on track from key question towards substantial value, fact based.

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