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September 21, 2018

How we commit to value – define commitment and plan delivery

So here we are: we formulated and assessed the value, the first two value blocks of our approach. That’s a big leap forward, because the value that was hidden suddenly is visible to everyone. But to actually achieve this value, we need the right stakeholders to commit to the value and we need to agree on the transformation path to deliver the value. Hence our third value block, where we use an approach that consists of two elements: defining commitment and planning delivery acceleration.

1. Define commitment

The goal of defining commitment is to make sure every stakeholder involved agrees upon all aspects of the engagement. We create a project charter that serves as a corner stone for realizing the business transformation. This  charter is a transparent document that outlines who will be involved as well as the division of roles and responsibilities. It also clearly defines the objectives of the transformation, the baseline and the way of measuring success.

2. Plan delivery acceleration

In parallel to ensuring the right degree of commitment is present, we develop a detailed plan that indicates the steps necessary to achieve the value, split across different work packages that need to be completed. We also determine who will be engaged in each of these work packages and how we’ll govern the execution of the different tasks. This information is placed on a realistic timeline, indicating the different milestones, their associated deliverables and the workload required from the different stakeholders involved at any given point in time.

Now, everything is set in place to realise a transformation that brings substantial value, fact-based.

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