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October 6, 2018

How we transform value – think, engage and deliver

The fourth and final stage of our Engage to Deliver Value © framework is the actual transformation. Every transformation is a unique journey, but we apply the same foundation principles: we execute the planned delivery to which all stakeholders are committed as a result of the commit phase. The planned delivery is a way to structure upfront Thinking (20%), Delivery (80%) and Engagement (100%) time (TED) in order to exceed all stakeholder expectations within a predefined budget.

1. Thinking (20% of our time)

“Thinking” refers to the application of brainstorming and logical reasoning techniques. We ensure the full picture, to which all stakeholders are committed, remains uniform. We continuously evaluate the progress made. If changes occur in our environment during the transformation, we adapt our plans to stay on the path of highest speed to value.

2. Delivery (80% of our time)

“Delivery” refers to the delivery of material that supports the transformation, for example a report of the progress made, evidence of achieved milestones, a financial model supporting a specific work package or an informational presentation to stakeholders impacted by the transformation.

3. Engagement (100% of our time)

“Engagement” refers to the continuous communication with all stakeholders that influence the transformation and/or are involved in the transformation. We communicate with these stakeholders in their preferred style, to ensure the message is understood.


Safeguarding the correct distribution is essential. We believe a distorted balance in time-allocation between the TED components might jeopardize the progress along the four engagement phases, not achieving the full value potential of our end goal: the creation of substantial value, fact based. 


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