Seasoned "strategy & business transformation managers/senior managers"

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Seasoned “strategy & business transformation managers/senior managers”

Papilium is a management consulting firm, defining and running complex strategic business transformation projects at top (inter)national companies:

  • We derive the key question hampering substantial cash flow improvements – the better the question, the better the answer
  • We leverage disparate sources of data and emotions, leading to breakthrough hypothesis for improvements – (big) data analytics connected to (big) value
  • We refine client’ business models underpinned with innovative distinct capabilities to surge income statements – committing to ambitious design
  • We engage all stakeholders along the best transformation path to deliver and secure agreed value – understanding, teasing, committing, acting to deliver value

Your role

You re-engineering business processes and organisations.

You build compelling business cases to support client decision processes.

You advise and coach Board of Directors, Managers and White/Blue collars.

You manage client relationships, incl. identification and pursuit of new business opportunities.

You take the lead in identifying client issues and finding the most appropriate approach.

You manage and coach internal and external team members.

You summarize findings in a structured and client engaging manner, both written and oral.

You co-create and defend new offerings towards clients.

Your profile

You have obtained master in economics, management or engineering, preferably with MBA.

You have gathered 7 to 12 years of relevant experience in transforming businesses at international operating clients with a decision centre or important subsidiary in Belgium.

You successfully delivered business transformation projects and programs.

You can demonstrate profound analytical and problem solving skills, being eager to leverage teams.

You are fluent in English, Dutch and French.

Our Offer

As a business manager you will join a team of highly talented and entrepreneurial people.

You will work with companies that are leaders in their industry.

An intensive guidance to grow your career to become a recognized business transformation leader.

A competitive compensation package within a meritocracy based culture.

I have what it takes!