Merging to create a “6000 people Services Company”

Merging to create a “6000 people Services Company”

Papilium for years had a proven track record working for one of both companies. 

Where many consultants had gone before, Papilium was the only one revealing a double digit EBITDA growth potential. Sounds impossible? 

Well yes, except that nobody had been mining Terabyte of data before, simply as data mining was not the issue, but combining it with business insight was. 

On average 20% of EBITDA growth was identified in 3 business units.  Just in time as weeks thereafter they decided to merge with another company. 

Papilium was requested to guide the integration and business optimisation. 


Because of our deep transformation insights, but most of all because of our ability to blend with and lead the ones working in the field.

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