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Over the last 30 years management consulting services have grown into a mega-industry. Yet, too many times we all witnessed these services not delivering any value, and certainly not substantial value.

This inspired Papilium to change the consulting standard. We are proud having developed powerful frameworks and tools to engage stakeholders, to leverage data and emotions and to turn all this into value.

This could inspire you too to change your market standard. Working with us as a client or as a consultant, makes you become a business transformation leader. One who has significant business impact.

Your Papilium impact

Likely our consultants colour outside the lines. But always we need to be able to onboard everyone to implement new ways of working. And this is what we strive for at Papilium. We continuously change our way of working for the better.

Many colleagues of Papilium worked for big brand consultancy firms or start-ups. We all have in common that no-nonsense consultancy must be based on facts, business insight and the commitment to deliver upon what you preach.

Probably we are not easy to work with, as we continously challenge the robustness of thoughts, plans and results.  But most people will confirm we have warm hearts, always there to support, guide, engage, deliver.

Our family, our friends, our colleagues, our firm is what we live for. Hoping to inspire and to build something that lasts generations.

Our mission is to create superior value for all stakeholders of organizations, catalyzing the delivery of business transformations, thriving on the value brought by people and data, and the leverage created by blending teams.

This mission brings us to our main drivers. “Creating substantial value, fact based” and “Creating business transformation leaders”. That’s why we are in business. That’s what we call impact.

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